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Owner/Ceo  Dionne L Fields

We are on our way with our, new children's book world tour this year.

Rain and I are looking forward to meeting all our book fans, real soon.

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Books To Films Studio Productions will be the 1st business investor.
For The Atlantis Rain franchise, that will soon begin constructions.
Atlantis Rain Theme Park Location:
Buford, Georgia Near the Mall Of Georgia Opening date: 10/10/2020 Current status: In planning
The Atlantis Rain Amusement park was, based on the 2012 Storybook by Dionne Fields, which starred Rain Fields a real life character who just turn eight years old.
This will be anchored by abandoned Volcano the entrance into the Atlantis world roller coaster named Atlantis Rain. Dionne Fields an international children's book author and the creator of the Atlantis Rain Franchise.
She has just unveiled plans to build a $350 million dollar theme park in the United States.
Located in the Lawrenceville , Georgia, the theme park will be called Atlantis Rain.
The Atlantis Rain Theme Park will also feature roller coasters, water parks, a children's library, hotels and restaurants.
The Atlantis Rain Water Park will have special features of the Atlantis underwater world, inspired by the Atlantis Rain Fields Children's books.
The plans to build the Atlantis Rain Water Park will cost $ 325 million dollars.
Both Atlantis Rain theme park and Atlantis Rain Water Park will be built at the same time, the cost for both parks will be $675 million dollars.
Dionne Fields plans to break ground in the next four years and aim to have both parks completed in 2020.
Although she still need to be granted planning permission.